John Harvey 73yr- Digger Driver

"I have been seeing Anna Simons since 2012 when I first went to see her with a painful Right knee which I had injured when I bashed it against the bucket of my digger. My knee was very swollen and I was having pain and difficulty climbing in and out of the digger cab. After some ice and ultrasound she soon had me doing some weighted rehab exercises and that really helped strengthen things up. Within 6 treatments I was back to normal, and leaping up and down to the cab like usual.6 months later I was back to Anna with an upper back problem which she sorted with some deep massage and some acupuncture which worked like magic- I have been going to her over the years with all sorts of problems including my arthritic Left ankle and she always seems so know what the problem is and what works for me. My wife Chrissey has also been going to see Anna for regular massage and stretches to help with her back and legs – she is an Ankylosing Spondylitis sufferer. It’s really helping to keep her from ceasing up."

Marrianne and Jez

"My husband was the first to visit Anna approx. 6 years ago for a troublesome back that he had suffered with for years. Anna improved this within a few visits. Since then she has become our go to physio for any treatment that we may require. For myself Anna has provided constant support and on and off treatment through three surgeries on my leg. The third was not planned but Anna encouraged me to seek further help when I knew that it was still not right but everyone else was saying that it was! My husband has seen Anna for several more "niggles" (we are both keen sports enthusiasts!) one oh which was a painful shoulder that an NHS physic had told us they could do nothing for and he would have to keep going with it until it became to painful and then he could be referred for an operation! A few treatments later with Anna and he was much improved and has needed no further treatment on it!"

Wayne Leeke

"Anna has always provided a speedy response and appointment, I am always made to feel comfortable and understand my treatment plan. I highly recommend her and wouldn't go anywhere else, keep up the good work Anna"


"I went to Anna for treatment on a long standing (18 months) lower back problem which was causing me increasing pain and mobility issues. I had already been treated by a number of different people but with no improvement.

I've had 6 appointments with Anna and my pain level has dropped significantly and my mobility is much improved. Anna is un afraid to adjust her treatment based on the results and really questions and seeks to understand what the problem is, she also gives you clear advice on exercises and actions your can take to help yourself outside of appointments.

I have been very comfortable being treated by Anna she's professional and friendly and makes you feel at ease.

I do not hesitate to recommend her."